HEFCE has allocated 20,000 student places for 2012-13 through the 'margin' process

In October HEFCE published its approach to implementing the control on the number of full-time students that universities and colleges can recruit for 2012-13. This included information about how they could bid for 20,000 'margin' places (Note 1). The outcomes of bids are published.

The 20,000 places have been divided between 190 universities and colleges: 9,643 places have been distributed between 35 higher education institutions (HEIs), and 10,354 places between 155 further education colleges (FECs) (Note 2).

The core and margin process was introduced by the Government with the aim of increasing student choice and supporting a more diverse higher education sector (Note 1). Bids were assessed on criteria of quality, demand and cost – only those institutions with average tuition fees in 2012-13 of £7,500 or less (net of fee waivers) were eligible to bid. HEFCE received bids from 203 institutions for 36,000 places. Final allocations were made on a pro rata basis (Note 3).

As a result of this bidding exercise HEFCE will be providing direct funding to 65 FECs that we did not fund in 2011-12.

Allocations from the 'margin' will be added to existing, or represent new, student number control limits for institutions in 2012-13. We will announce the full student number controls and associated funding for higher education in 2012-13 on 29 March 2012.

HEFCE News | http://www.hefce.ac.uk/news/hefce/2012/margin.htm | 08 March 2012

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