Pathways to Open Resource Sharing through Convergence in Healthcare Education

This project envisaged seamless access to academic and clinical learning resources for students with the following objectives.

  • Deliver a substantial number (c.180 credits) of OER in medical and healthcare education;
  • Establish the basis for a long term national partnership between the NHS and academia by sharing of appropriately licenced content between JorumOpen and the NeLR to aid discoverability and energise new creative solutions for the purpose of supporting students learning in practice;
  • Achieve widespread uptake of the OOER Toolkit and recommendations (use of CC, consent, policies etc.) in a wide variety of NHS settings (and modify it based on experience);
  • Promote debate, in collaboration with the SCA and OpenLearn, over the development of Consent Commons (based on the notion of Clinical Commons, proposed by Ellaway, et al., 200612);
  • Establish the value of the service/s to enhancing the student experience in clinical placement settings.

This UKOER phase 2 project was working closely with the NHS eLearning Repository to explore sharing open educational resources across clinical (i.e. NHS) and academic (i.e. HEI) settings in the UK. We worked with Jorum to look at potential ways to represent OERs in both repositories to increase access to both datasets via access from NHSNet and JANET.

The work of the project built on the excellent partnership established in our previous UKOER phase 1 pilot project, OOER, and extended and embed the good practice development begun in phase 1, together with equivalents such as the eLearning readiness toolkit developed by the NHS.

We established an excellent working relationship with our main partner, the London Deanery, which houses both the readiness tookit and the NeLR, and through planning meetings, agreed that there is much to do in recognising the differences between day to day cultures in NHS focussed and academic focussed work.

Part of our interests are in representing both NHS and UKOER materials to other countries, and as a start we are hoped to explore exchanging at least metadata with MedEdPortal, a repository based at the AAMC in the US, with a robust peer review system, akin to that of a peer reviewed journal.

Alongside this important work, we further developed the concept of a Consent Commons to make sure that the interests of patients and non-patients appearing in clinical recordings used in OERs are fairly represented (in accordance with UK Data Protection and Privacy and Electronic Communications legislation, following the guidelines from the Information Commissioners Office), alongside the copyright and ownership interests - typically represented in, for example, a Creative Commons license.  We presented a paper on this proposal recently at Open Ed 2010 together with Dr Jane Williams from the University of Bristol.

To keep up to date with project progress, subscribe to the RSS feed for the OER Phase 2 MEDEV blog, where you will also find information about our second UKOER phase 2 project, funded under the OMAC strand, and entitled Accredited Clinical Teachers Open Resources (ACTOR).

MEDEV have recently been successful in Phase 3 of the UKOER funding programme.

PORSCHE project documents:

Project proposal

Project final plan

Project final report

PORSCHE outcome highlights

MEDEV, School of Medical Sciences Education Development,
Faculty of Medical Sciences, Newcastle University, NE2 4HH