Accredited Clinical Teaching Open Resources

The ACTOR project sought to build on an existing community of practice (RAFTT) in order to increase the sharing, repurposing and utilisation of educational development resources for PG Certificate clinical education programmes.  The project involved a partnership between University of Bristol, University of Cambridge, Hull York Medical School, Newcastle University, Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry and the MEDEV Subject Centre.

By widening the user base and influencing the development of new PGCertClinEd programmes we hoped to raise confidence among educational leaders. They would in turn pass this knowledge to students on PGCertClinEd who would (over time) influence colleagues, clinicians and NHS Trusts. Considerable parallel benefits would be gained from running this project as a web 2.0 ‘community’ rather than simply ‘archiving’. This community was also strongly in favour of sharing. While they are in competition for students, each PGCertClinEd was run by a small number of dedicated staff committed to diversifying their provision, and there are tens of thousands of potential applicants as NHS leaders required educational supervisors to be ‘trained’.

The project identified and categorised potential resources and documented availability and compliance with the Risk-kit. MEDEV together with Newcastle University initiated consultation and delivery of technical developments for sharing content/metadata with JorumOpen.

The project partners analysed policies and documented policy practice relating to IPR and consent. The need for a Consent Commons was evaluated and legal advice was taken from HEI and NHS sources. Workshop and focus group events with clinical teachers via OOER partners and others was used to raise awareness of ACTOR.

MEDEV and the Partners together uploaded a substantial amount (>30 credits) of learning resources to JorumOpen. We worked with practice educators to document the processes necessary to enable learning resources from the sector to be made ‘open’. The partners, together with an external evaluator, evaluated the project according to the evaluation strategy. All partners externally disseminated according to the documented strategy.

MEDEV, School of Medical Sciences Education Development,
Faculty of Medical Sciences, Newcastle University, NE2 4HH