Organising Open Educational Resources

OOER phase 1 outcomes

We have made the following high level recommendations:

•  That authors should ‘hallmark’ all their content (whether to be made open or not) with CC licences;

•  Consent everything-even where ownership and patient/non-patient rights appear clear, and store copies of the consent with resource;

•  Review institutional policies against good practice risk-assessment tools;

•  Aim to release a fraction of a programme rather than 100% (avoids some of the ‘cons’ of ‘going OER’);

•  UK HE enters a dialogue with publishers to increase the potential for re-using third party upstream rights (especially images, music and video);

•  Develop and follow sophisticated ‘take-down’ policies;

•  Develop a tool to track resources and for them to ‘phone home’ (like software updaters) to check their currency/status;

•  Establish a staff reward system (formal recognition of using and reusing others’ resources, PDRs, promotion criteria, etc.);

•  Several JorumOpen-specific recommendations such as bulk upload.


Outcome highlights

Several of our outcomes from the project and the final report are available to view here:

MEDEV, School of Medical Sciences Education Development,
Faculty of Medical Sciences, Newcastle University, NE2 4HH